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At Heffron Park Tennis Centre, we offer a wide variety of tennis competitions, from junior singles to adult social and everything in between. Have a chat to one of our friendly staff to see when the next one is on.


Junior Competitions

ANZ Hot Shots Tournament
Junior Singles & Doubles


Tennis World Interclub

For all winners of the Hot Shots tournament.
Invitation only

Tennis Membership Heffron park

Adult ESTA Competition

Weekly Singles & Doubles
10 weeks of play!


Adult Ladder Competition

Play at a time that suits you!

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Junior Competitions

Match Play is a fun and social way to get into team tennis, learn the basics of game play and experience what it’s like to play a match.

There are two ways how your child can enjoy Junior Competition:

  1. Hot Shots Tournaments are a great way for children to play competitive tennis, meet children from other Tennis World Clubs, and have some fun! Whatever their ability, our tournaments cater for everybody. Tournaments are held quarterly and an invitation is distributed to all participants of our Hot Shots Program to participate.
  2. Join our Singles Junior Competition. Each player will compete in 3 sets per week until they make the knockout finals. Led by our coaching team, the competition will align with the school term and run for six to eight weeks. Another great way for your child to further develop their tennis skills.

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Tennis World Interclub Competition

In addition to our Junior Competitions, Heffron Park Tennis Centre can also be invited to participate in the Tennis World Interclub Challenge.

Teams of 4 are selected by the coaching team and invited to attend to play against other facilities within the Tennis World Program Group.

Challenges are held twice a year.

ESTA Adult Competition

Compete against players from different clubs all over the eastern suburbs. Taking place every Sunday at either 8am or 10am you and your partner will play 2 doubles sets and a singles set each week. Register with Heffron to make us your home court. 
We offer weekly singles and doubles competitions that are held throughout the calendar year. Competition is generally paid over 10 weeks which includes both semi-finals and finals.

Our aim is to provide a social yet competitive competition open for all ages and standards. We accept enrolments regardless of whether you have a partner or not and we will do our best to match you with someone of a similar standard.

In the case you’re not able to commit to our 10 week competitions, we’re always on the lookout for reserves so let us know your interest and we’ll keep you in the loop.

Commencement dates and times will be published shortly.

Adult Singles Ladder Competition 

What is a ladder competition?
A ladder competition is an ongoing competition where players are ranked from top to bottom on a ladder. The objective being to sit at first place on the ladder.

How does it work?
The competition relies on challenges. A player is able to challenge someone up to 5 spots above them (e.g. place 8 challenges place 3)

Once a challenge has been issued and accepted, the 2 players agree on a time and day where they can play their match (there is no set day/time on when you play your match)

If you win your challenge you take your opponents place in the ladder and they drop down one place (e.g. #8 “x” beats #3 “y”, “x” is now placed 3rd and “y” is placed 4th).
Matches consist of 2 regular sets with the deciding 3rd set a super tie breaker (first to 10). Once you have finished your match report the result to the front desk who will then enter the scores on the live ladder.

How do I issue a challenge?
Once you register for the comp, you will be entered into a WhatsApp group where you can issue a challenge and the ladder will be regularly shared.

Ladder competitions are a great way to meet like minded people who have busy schedules and need a bit of flexibility when it comes to match time. 

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